About iZettle

About iZettle

We believe running a business should be easier.

At iZettle we come to work every day to build game-changing payment services and apps – from card readers for smartphones and tablets to registers to tools for increasing sales. They are simple to set up and use, always secure and help you build your business. But that’s not all, they actually make running a small business way more fun.

Our headquarters may be in Stockholm, but we’re now used by hundreds of thousands of businesses in nine countries around the world. Join us at izettle.com.

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Presenting Card Reader Lite Edition. This exclusive card reader is crafted from 18-karat gold that our metallurgists have developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold. Soon available online, price starting at $10.000. To sign up for the VIP presale, please email liteedition@izettle.com

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