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16. Februar 2016

Most small business owners know that iZettle lets you take secure card payments with a smartphone or tablet. But there’s so much more to iZettle than that. Did you know that iZettle also gives you free tools to follow up on your sales and do the books? When surveyed, 96% of our users say that iZettle has made it easier for them to run their business. In fact, there are 100s of reasons to get started with iZettle. Such as…

#10: Gets your numbers straight.


Take payments, get smarter. Our great sale reports help you make your business even better. Optimise your time and get ideas for offers based on top-selling products, average spend and much more.

#17: If you don’t sell, you don’t pay.

With iZettle, there are no fixed fees - you only pay for successful transactions. There’s also no contract, so your only commitment is to your business =) Read more about our transparent pricing here.

#22: It can be up and running on your counter in no time.

Sign up in 5 minutes. Get your card reader delivered within a few days. Connect your card reader instantly, and start selling!

#29: OMG it’s free!

Yep. You can get a free Card Reader Lite for your business. Connects via cable, fits right in your pocket, and lets you accept all major cards. Just plug it in, and you’re ready to get paid. Read more and order here.

#36: No more directions to the nearest cash machine.


No more “walk straight then second left, up a hill and through the tunnel”. Show the way straight to counter instead!

#52: Makes you look legit.


Oh yes.

#56: So easy a kid could use it.


COULD. They’ll need to wait till they turn 18 to create an account though. Bummer.

#74: Makes you say YES more often.

“YES! Of course I accept credit cards.”

#86: Cut the queue.


Our card readers are super quick. So serve your customers faster, and never miss a sale again.

#88: No paperwork. Honestly.


We don’t believe in wasting your time (or trees). So unlike others, we’ll never ask for any physical papers to be signed. Our registration process is completely done online. All we need is 5 minutes of your time. Ready?

#95: Makes bookkeeping “fun”.


When you use iZettle to take payments, you get daily sales summaries in the app. Then, sign in to to do the books. With hard numbers and reports in an Excel format, iZettle will keep both customers and your accountant happy.

There are 100s of reasons to get started. On top of this, creating an account is free and it only takes 5 minutes - so why not give it a go today?

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