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5. Januar 2012

At Altoego

Is your hairdresser’s still a cash only venture? Are you looking for a way to convince them otherwise? Meet Lotti, independent skilled hair stylist and coloring specialist. Like many others in the hairdressing industry, she rents a chair from the owner of the salon and shares the space with a number of colleagues. This setup often calls for a shared payment solution which means you have to settle for whatever device is already there – and have to go through the hassle of trying to separate all your transactions from those of your colleagues. Enter iZettle.

So here we are, at hair salon Altoego in Stockholm, where style is top of the agenda. After working her magic on your hair, and as if your new head-turning do is not enough, Lotti uses her iPhone and iZettle to settle the bill. Away with the hairdryer and out with the phone. Now that’s payments made easy. And a very stylish way to take control over your income, too.

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