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20. Januar 2012

Great Times at the Formex Fair

This week, iZettle duo Henrik and Mauritz are at Formex, the largest design fair in the Nordics, to meet up with old and new iZettlers. Curious crowds flock to this event for their fix of contemporary Scandinavian findings, simply to be inspired or to lay their hands on the latest and greatest in new design from the Nordics.

But there is one problem that puts cashless visitors to the test: many exhibitors still only accept cash or invoices. And how many visitors come armed with a fistful of cash? We dare say, not many. And in terms of ATMs, fairs are often like a desert, with more than the usual group of visitors gathering at a single oasis.

Fortunately, more and more exhibitors use iZettle, providing cashless customers with the option of paying by card, instead of spending endless hours queuing up for cash that disappears quicker than a drop of water in the desert. The businesses see a welcome change on their balance sheets as cash flow increases, and visitors are thrilled to pay for and bring home their treasures quickly and easily.

So if you’re at the Formex Fair, swing by Henrik and Mauritz to get up and running with your iZettle in a matter of minutes. Or simply to get your fix of yet another type of contemporary Swedish design.

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