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Introducing a New Portal and More!

4. April 2013


A couple of weeks ago Jacob, our CEO, told you that we were working on some really exciting new features. Now, the first of them are here! Today we’re introducing some highly sought after updates that will make the iZettle service smarter than ever before – and give you even more tools to manage and grow your business. Here’s what’s on the menu:

A new and revamped portal
We’ve updated the iZettle portal with a brand new sales overview that gives you valuable business insights and actionable metrics. Experience your payments with beautiful graphs – sortable by year, month or week – or new metric boxes that display your total sales volume, top selling products, transactions, average transaction value, and returning customers.

Receipt printer and cash drawer functionality
We’re also releasing an updated version of the iZettle iOS app that includes support for selected receipt printers and cash drawers from Star Micronics. This means that you can wirelessly connect a receipt printer and cash drawer to the iZettle app for iPhone or iPad. The very same functionality will be included in the Android app later this spring.

So, now you’ll have two options: either email or automatically print customer receipts, right on the spot! You’ll also be able to connect a cash drawer to the receipt printer, which will automatically open when you record a cash payment in the iZettle app. This makes it even simpler to manage both card and cash payments.

Now please go on and try it out – we’re eagerly waiting for your feedback! In the meantime, we’ll continue developing more tools to help you run your business in the easiest way possible.

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