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Fast Food for Cashless Customers

29. Mai 2013


The Bun Bun Truck is the latest addition to Stockholm’s ever growing street food scene. Lately, the trend of serving up good food on wheels has completely exploded. And we’re not speaking of the typical hot dogs and kebabs – street food 2.0 is Chinese dumplings, Peruvian ceviche, or, in this case: French-Vietnamese sandwiches, banh mi.

The founders of The Bun Bun Truck are part of the group that you could call the “street food entrepreneurs” of Stockholm. These entrepreneurial chefs have realised that today’s foodies are more than happy to trade in a 2-star fine dining experience for a more rustic meal on the go. The beauty of the booming trend is that running a food truck can be a good alternative to opening an expensive restaurant, and the perfect opportunity for aspiring chefs who want to test out their gastronomic ideas.

For The Bun Bun Truck and other food trucks – being able to take card payments is vital. Since the business is very seasonal (to be honest, the spring and summer seasons in Sweden are much too short), it’s also essential to avoid lengthy and expensive contracts. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that iZettle is as an important ingredient to success, as the unusual side dishes being offered.

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