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Facebook is more than just memes and humble brags

6. März 2014

Chances are pretty high that you’re already on Facebook. As most of have found out, Facebook is great for staying in touch with old friends, finding out about cool events, inviting guests to your cool events, sharing fun links and memes and looking at funny pictures of your co-workers… Bottom line: Most people have realised the benefits of having a private Facebook account. But what about using Facebook for your business? If you haven’t already created a page for your business, here’s why we think you should do it NOW.

  1. Your audience and future audience is on Facebook. Scanning feeds, connecting with their favourite brands, and looking for interesting content to share with their friends. Be in their feeds. Be one of those brands. Give them the content to share.
  2. Imagine that you’re offered the opportunity to get a free billboard with a potential audience size of 720 million. Would you take it? That’s pretty much what your Facebook page can be like. It will require more maintenance, but you’ll also be able to display much more content on your Facebook page that you would on a billboard.
  3. Facebook is a fantastic channel for marketing your business. You can showcase your products, describe your services, upload video demos and tell your Facebook fans about your latest campaigns and promotions. As opposed to many other channels, you’ll get direct customer feedback in the form of likes and comments. Big like!
  4. Talking about feedback… Facebook is the ideal place to engage with your audience to find out what they value with your business and what they’d prefer to have change. Make sure to get to know the market, and then use this insight to truly tailor your offer in the best way. 
  5. Your competitors are probably already there. Nuff said.

Convinced and ready to jump in? Getting started is easy-peasy. Go on, create your Facebook page in just 5 minutes here! Oh, and while we have your attention… Have you liked us on Facebook yet? If not, please do

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