Fresh on the shelves – iZettle 1.7

15. februar 2012

iZettle 1.7

This week we’ve got something special in store for you. It’s a brand new app with a bunch of new features for all of you who use iZettle on your iPads.

First of all, iZettle 1.7 comes with product folders. We’ve noticed that some iZettlers have libraries with tens or even hundreds of products. Now you can drag and drop products on one another to gather them all in a single product folder. Coffees, pants, necklaces, you name it. You can also move your products around simply by pressing and holding. Easy.

We’ve also added a feature we like to call ‘Product variants’. This nifty little thing is especially useful if you sell juices in different sizes, t-shirts in different colours or personal training sessions of varying lengths. It lets you create variations of your products, for instance ‘Small’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Large’, and even lets you give them different prices.

iZettle 1.7 for iPad also brings out a much wanted feature from the iPhone app: Editable manual items. Add images, descriptions and VAT settings to that one-off lamp you just put a price tag on.

And if you particularly like your customer, you may want to give them a good price. That’s why we’ve added the discount function. Simply tap the discount button and your lucky customer will get any given percentage off the entire purchase.

The new app also comes with an improved payments history tab that displays every purchase location on a map. And if you’ve forgotten your password, you can now reset it directly in the app.

Those are the major changes, but as per usual, for this new release we’ve also included a bunch of tweaks, bug fixes and other minor improvements that make the iZettle experience just that little bit better.

PS. On a completely different note: If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to check out this video of Jacob and a couple of iZettlers on MasterCard’s Heart of Commerce vlog!

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