iZettle Hearts The UK

18. maj 2012

London Celebrations

Wow. Simply wow. What an amazing, exciting first day we had in the UK. We can’t begin to tell you how excited and humbled we are by your interest.

After trawling through the first batch of requests from plumbers, taxi drivers, vegetable delivery companies and many more, we’re happy to report that we’ve sent out our very first invites. But we’re still looking for a wide range of users, so if you haven’t already, please leave your details right here. We really look forward to getting you set up, and hearing what you all think about iZettle.

Also, after a year of planning, and sneaking around in secret, it was great to finally spread the word about iZettle in the UK. Ask Jacob, who found his picture in most of the major publications. If you’d like to check out what he said in the articles, some of our personal favourites were on GigaOM, TechCrunch and The Next Web.

Once again, thank you so much for you love and support this far. But remember, this is only the beginning.

photo credit: Beacon Radio cc

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