Word of mouth - Getting people to talk!

21. august 2013


By now you’re hopefully convinced that creative marketing can really help boost your business! Let’s take it to the next level – getting people to do the marketing for you. That’s essentially what word of mouth is all about. Spreading the word about your business to their friends, who pass it on to their friends, who pass it on to their friends… Sounds pretty nice, right? And it’s not only nice, but also extremely efficient! Because, when people talk – people listen. And act! In fact, consumers trust the opinion of people like themselves much more than they trust the words of companies, experts, media, or even the government. Word of mouth is authentic and compelling!

So, how can you create word of mouth?

Get people to experience your business
Regardless of whether you offer products or services, the first rule in generating word of mouth is to make sure that people actually know what you’re about! Give away some freebees or host a free event – see this as an investment to attracting future customers.

Encourage people to talk about you
This can be as simply as kindly asking your customers to recommend you to others if they enjoy what you do. For an extra boost, promise customers that they’ll receive some sort of reward – such as a discount or store credit – for every new customer they help bring in. 

Get active in social media
Create a compelling message and make it easy to share. In social media, electronic word of mouth can reach huge audiences in seconds. People love to share content that’s smart or funny. If you’ve got the skills, why not create a funny YouTube video featuring your brand? Post it in your social channels, and wait for it to spread.

The best part about it is that word of mouth creates buzz. Good news travels fast since most people are eager to show that they’re in the know and quick to pass on information that others will value. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get people to start talking!

Next up: How to win with email marketing.

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