Bringing iZettle to life in an animated film!

9. januar 2014

At iZettle we love to be creative! Before Christmas, we decided to make an animated film to show the world just how easy and simple iZettle is. Here’s how it came about.

First, our marketing and design people got together to toss some ideas around. What should it look like? What’s the main story line? How long should it be? Hundreds of ambitious ideas were thrown on the table. The general consensus was to aim for something like Toy Story 2 or Spirited Away. Phew… Luckily, we have a great design agency that could help us sort it all out and illustrate our ideas in a nice storyboard.

After that, things happened like magic. The black and white storyboard was quickly transformed into a colorful, 1 minute video. Then, we only had some fun final details to tend to. We added some nice effects and selected a voice actress to do the talking. (Unfortunately, the Old Spice guy was already booked for another gig.) The final task was to decide on a name for the shop featured in the video. One of our support guys with a good imagination suggested Cloak and Swagger, Nancy’s Fancy Pants and Wicked Witch of the Vest. Finally, we settled for Fred’s Threads.

And the result? Quite nice if we may say so ourselves! What do you guys think?

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