You’ll find a great base for your accounting under both “Reports” and “Receipts” at


If you go to “Sales” > “Reports” you can export a report to either Excel or PDF. You’ll find information about:
  • Total sales volume
  • How many payments you’ve accepted 
  • How many card payments vs. cash payments you’ve accepted
Choose which day or month you want more information about, then just click on “Export” to download a report in Excel or PDF format. 


If you go to “Sales” > “Receipts” you can export a list to Excel with information about your transactions. You’ll find information about:
  • Date and time for the transaction
  • Receipt number
  • Total amount accepted, as well as the fee and net amount
  • If it was a card or cash payment
  • Card type and card’s last digits
  • Staff member who accepted the payment
  • Device used to accept the payment
  • Description of the payment 
You simply choose which interval you want to learn more about, click on “Export to Excel” and you’ll get a complete report of the transactions made during this period. This file then provides a great base for your accounting.     

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