Killing Some Noise

29. heinäkuuta 2011

iZettle and Killnoise

You’ve remembered to pack the tent, the flip-flops and the sunglasses, but what you forgot was to stop by the ATM before heading out to the festival. And as the music gets louder, as the night goes on and the days go by, the ears start to buzz more and more. Know this feeling?

So while the music at the Storsjöyran festival was in our taste, we teamed up with earplug designers and sellers Killnoise to help you look after your ears and kill the noise, not the music. Mauritz and Henrik of the iZettle car squad spent a successful day one of the festival helping card-carrying festival goers plug their ears – and instead save their cash for a late night hotdog.

Rekisteröidy viidessä minuutissa! 2,75% – 1,00% per maksutapahtuma.

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