Who Are the iZettlers?

30. syyskuuta 2011

When we first started developing iZettle we had one thing in mind: to make your payments easier. Jacob’s wife Nicole wanted to sell glasses at fairs, someone else may simply want to accept payments for iPhone repairs at their corner shop, or for fresh vegetables at a farmer’s market.

We’ve told you about a few of our users already, some here on the blog, others on our Twitter or Facebook. And now there is a collection of them, all in one place, on this new page on our website. Hear what the bike courier, naprapath, blogger and personal trainer think of iZettle right here. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to come up with more occasions when iZettle can make your life easier.

But David, Tommy, Jörund and Johan are only a few of many thousands of iZettlers around the country. Naturally, we’re looking forward to making it many more in the future. And this brings us to something else: card readers. We know you’re all eagerly waiting their arrival, and finally, it’s official: We’re ready to send out another 3,000 card readers over the coming weeks. So keep an eye on your mailboxes!

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