It’s Beta Time Again!

26. huhtikuuta 2012

Request for a Beta Invite

We’re thrilled to share the news with you that we’ve officially started a few new closed betas. Since a couple of days back, we’re live with our very first users in a number of countries around Europe.

This means we’re also looking for more prospective iZettlers who’d like to help us with thoughts and feedback. For now, we’d especially love to hear from small businesses around Italy and Spain. If you’d like to join us, please get in touch at Remember to put your country in the subject line so we can put you on the right request list.

And if you’re based somewhere else, do not dismay. We’ll be coming to more countries in the near future, and would love to hear which ones you’d like that to be.

Rekisteröidy viidessä minuutissa! 2,75% – 1,00% per maksutapahtuma.

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