How to: Create a Beautiful Product Library

15. toukokuuta 2013


Creating a product library in the iZettle app is great for many reasons. It helps you get organised, speeds up the payment process, and last but not least: showcases your products in the best possible way!

So, how does it work? It’s not the least bit tricky – here’s all you need to know.

1. Add your first product
Sign in to the app and click on the “+” to add your first product. Come up with a name for it, enter the price, and add a nice picture if you’d like. If you have a business account, select the correct VAT setting.

2. Add more products
First click on Edit. Then, click on the “+” again, and simply repeat the steps in point 1 until you’ve added all your products.

3. Organise your products in folders
You can group similar products together in different folders. Simply drag and drop the products onto each other to create folders. Don’t forget to give your folders appropriate names!

4. Create different variants
When you sell different versions of a product – such as small, medium and large cups of coffee – you can create different variants of the same product. Just click on the product and choose “Add variant”.

5. Enter different VAT settings
If you have a business account, you can add individual VAT settings for each product, when in edit mode.

6. Discounts
You can give discounts to your best customers! Just choose a percentage or amount, and the grand total will be calculated automatically.

That’s it! Quite easy, right? A final word of advice: Remember that product images show up on your receipts, so use nice ones!

Today, the product library is available in the iOS app – but we’re working hard on releasing it on Android too. So, please stay tuned for updates coming your way soon.

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