10 weird facts about iZettle

7. marraskuuta 2013


1. There’s a life-size cardboard Star Wars Stormtrooper in our hallway. No one really remembers why it’s there.

2. Yesterday, a guy tweeted: “Got started with iZettle now, feels like meeting God. (If God gave you lots of money and never messed up.)” Not quite how we would have phrased it… But, thanks! =)

3. The Stockholm office has consumed approximately 10800 liters of coffee and 370 kilos of candy this year. Yup, that’s more than 2 million calories.

4. 25 nationalities work at iZettle (not counting the Stormtrooper)! Luckily, everyone speaks English.

5. The Chip & Signature reader communicates using high-frequency audio waves. According to one of our developers, it’s “kind of like dolphins faxing each others or using a 56K modem in an encrypted channel”!

6. 24% of our followers on Twitter also follow Richard Branson. Busted!

7. A pilot, clown, yoga instructor, blogger, actor, musician, model, war photographer, badminton champion, bartender and a skier… Now all work at iZettle!

8. We have a meeting room filled with Fatboys. Quite nice if you ever need to take an afternoon nap. Zzz…

9. The UK team swears that they have an office ghost that keeps opening all the cupboard doors in their kitchen. Hm, not so sure about that one, though…

10. We’re definitely against money laundering… But one of our Chip & Signature readers has successfully survived a ride in a washing machine! It still works fine, but don’t try this at home!

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