10 fun facts about plastic (It's fantastic!)

6. helmikuuta 2014


Not that we’re against coins and notes, but it’s probably no secret that our preferred payment method is by card! Here’s a list of our top 10 facts about plastic!

  1. The first credit card was born in 1950. It was made out of paper, and had a list of the accepting locations (consisting of 14 restaurants in New York!) printed on the back.
  2. It was given to 200 people and had a credit of $300.
  3. There are about 5 billion credit cards in the world. That’s like 0,7 cards per person.
  4. However, about 10% of cardholders have more than 10 cards in their wallets!
  5. Visa used to be called BankAmericard. MasterCard went by the name of MasterCharge.
  6. Worldwide, 10000 card transactions are made… every second!
  7. You’ve probably heard about the American Express Centurion card. But did you know that there’s a card made out of gold? And diamonds. And just to make sure that everyone gets the picture - a pearl. Say hello to the Visa Infinite Exclusive card. It will set you back $100000 - but hey - once you have it, you won’t ever need to pay any late fees. Great! (OK, so there are some other perks as well.) 
  8. When buying groceries, consumers prefer to pay by debit card. However, when shopping online or when eating out - people are more likely to whip out their credit cards.
  9. The most expensive credit card transaction ever, was made by Kim Basinger in 1989 for the sum of $20 million. For that, she got a small town in Georgia. (Later however, she sold it for $1 million. Fail.)
  10. Today, 66% of all point of sale purchases are made with plastic. Cash sales are estimated to drop to 23% by 2017.

Obviously, a lot has happened in 64 years. Bottom line: Consumers today want to pay by card. That’s why it’s our mission to make easy card payments available to all!

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