Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on!

20. helmikuuta 2014

Yes, that’s exactly what you should do! Not only does music make the people come together, the world go round and people lose control -it has also been proven to affect purchase behavior and to increase sales! As we all know, music makes us happy and has a profound ability to put us in a great mood, but the actual reason behind the power of music goes deeper than that. According to Julian Treasure, chairman of The Sound Agency, sound impacts people in four different ways- physiologically, psychologically, cognitively and behaviorally. Ok, so by now you’re probably thinking Woah! Just tell me how I can use music to increase sales!, so that’s exactly what we’ll do. 
  • If you own a store, make sure that the music played represents your brand and is appropriate for your target group. Why? Music is one of the elements that help customers decide whether or not your store is for them!
  • Avoid playing fast-paced music if you want to encourage people to dwell, because this tends to make people do things more quickly. So even if the Abercrombie & Fitch store around the corner is blasting out the latest Avicii tune, our advice would be to try to resist the temptation to copy them. 
  • Regardless of whether you’re running a café or managing a nail salon, you may want to consider playing “non-specific tracks”, since known artists may evoke negative associations. Or the opposite, but you never know! Miley Cyrus - you either love or hate her, right?
  • If you’re running a specific campaign or sale, try to find some music that matches your offer. To prove our point, an interesting study found that a wine store was able to influence its sales of French vs. German wines by playing traditional French and German music! How cool is that?
Need help with what music you should play? Our best tip is to check out Spotify’s playlists! They have a great collection ranging from mood boosters to party starters. Here’s our top three lists:

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