iZettle for iOS5

13 octobre 2011

iOS5 Update

It’s finally here. iOS5. And we’ve got an update of the app in store for you!

Most parts of the app will be familiar (only slightly sleeker and better, of course!) but there are a few changes you will probably want to hear about:

First of all, there’s guaranteed support for iOS5. That’s a given.

Secondly, the ID control has been improved. You do of course always need to make sure that it is the rightful owner using the card, but the app now distinguishes foreign cards from their Swedish counterparts when the ID control is triggered.

Another update is that you can now remove a product picture from a transaction. If you decide that the snap of your coffee pot just isn’t up to scratch, or that no one really needs to see front of that old shop of yours, simply tap the picture icon again and select “Remove picture”. Easy.

We have of course also made several small adjustments, done some bug fixing and made other minor improvements that will make your iZettle experience just that little bit better. And as always we’re more than happy to hear what you think of it. Happy zettling!

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