Six Awesome iZettling Ideas

23 avril 2012

The last few months we’ve told you about a number of businesses that use iZettle to make their financial lives easier. Hairdressers, farriers, carpenters, and naprapaths, all swearing by our little device to get them through a world of cashlessness. But there’s also a number of aspiring entrepreneurs whose businesses are slightly less traditional. How about these great stories that we’ve heard through the grapevine.

Cooking up a storm and selling home-made lunches to your colleagues. Not here, unfortunately.

Baking bread rolls and going around on a motorboat selling them to holidayers around the Stockholm archipelago.

Setting up a bike delivery shop for private persons and running personal errands with door-to-door delivery (How about buying that dress you saw in the shopping centre on the other side of town? Not you. Them.).

Opening up a fully licensed restaurant in your living room.

Being a doctor and setting up a mobile vaccination center (eg. a bus) travelling around the country giving people their shots in the convenience of their local area.

Selling merchandise on the road for your favourite team or your very own band. Whoever thought a tour bus could be a high tech shop with its own card terminal? We did. And so did a number of bands around the Nordics.

Have you heard of any other great ventures? Please let us know. We’d love to hear about them.

photo credit: bolandrotor cc

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