Farm Fresh - and Fabulous

22 novembre 2012

Gårdens lilla butik

Autumn means market time, right? We sure love putting on big woolly cardigans and traipsing around the country side looking for lovely things to cook up. Gårdens lilla butik is a farm shop that sells all sorts of wonderful things like meat from their own farm, potatoes fresh out of the ground, and yummy cheeses. They tell us they love iZettle because it makes things so much easier, both in the shop and when it comes time to do the books.

Their customers are fascinated by it, too. “It’s like a happening every time you put in a card,” says owner Mika Slättsjö. We’ve also had reports that some of their customers have even started using iZettle in their own businesses. Now, that really is fabulous!

(Photo by Mikaela Wien.)

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