People Get Ready

11 janvier 2013

Photo shoot

We have a number of great things lined up for 2013. And while we can’t tell you about all of them just yet, we’re too thrilled not to share the least piece of intel with you.

We’ll of course be setting up shop in a number of new and exciting countries around the world, just like we did in 2012. And this time around, we’ll most certainly be aiming a little further from our native Sweden.

This year we’ll also see the release of some major product updates (we especially have two in mind that are going to rock the world of iZettle). We’ve been working on them for quite a while now and look forward to sharing our results with you in a not too distant future. 

In just the first two weeks we’ve also brought a bunch of new talented people onboard making us well prepared to take on the great things ahead.

So. Who wants to bet on where we’re heading next, or what the super secret product news could be? Please share your ideas with us.

We look forward to continuing working with each and everyone of you, iZettlers, and we hope that you are as excited as we are about 2013.

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