Any Questions?

02 mai 2013


iZettlers, meet our hard-working customer support team! We receive an enormous amount of emails per day, and luckily, we have a support team at hand that knows everything there is to know about iZettle. Like the rest of us, they love what they do - even though they’re sometimes the busiest people at the office - doing everything they can to reply to queries as fast as possible. While many emails are filled with positive feedback and praise, we also receive loads of emails filled with questions.

For new users, the most commonly asked questions are: “How do I nominate and verify my bank account?”, “How do I get started?”, and “How do I make a transaction?”. The answers? Find them here.

Regular users usually ask us: “How do I change my nominated bank account?”, and “How can I see an overview of my transactions?”. The answers to these and most other questions can be found in our handy help section. Please make sure to take a look if you haven’t already. Who knows, you might learn something new!

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