Business Boosting Idea: Work out!

08 mai 2013

Bellman 2012

As you know, at iZettle we like to share tips and ideas for how you can improve your business. Now today we have one of a more unusual kind: Hit the gym or the trail!

Since Jacob, our CEO, is a bit of a fitness buff, he really supports the team getting their training gear on over lunch. Some of our more popular activities are the Tech and Risk team runs (we’re told they’re averaging 4.20 per km: A far cry from the old ideas of coders who only sit by their computers and drink coke all night!), and Kettlebells, Crossfit and Boxing classes at the gym (not as violent as they sound) – which really help us keep energy levels up way past that usual 3 o'clock dip.

Not only does it mean that we’re well equipped for the upcoming summer season, it also adds to the team spirit when you’ve seen your colleagues struggling with 12 kg kettlebells.

Now tell us – what are your best tips for keeping the energy levels up at your workplace?

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