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09 avril 2014


The technology sector is growing at a tremendous pace. In Europe however, there’s a lack of engineers, and this is a challenge for the future of the industry! In fact, the share of students in Europe that study engineering, math or computer science is only 17% - which can be compared to a percentage of 31% in China. Yikes! As a startup with a large tech department, we’re really crossing our fingers that more people will come to recognize just how fun and inspiring it is to work within tech.

Therefore, we really love initiatives aimed at attracting young people to the tech industry. Last week, we were visited by 40 eight-graders at our Stockholm office. They were here as part of a really cool initiative called Next Up, that wants to inspire young people - and especially girls - to choose an education within IT. 

We welcomed our visitors in true iZettle style! After lounging around in our Fatboys (being served lots of candy and muffins), listening to some of our colleagues talk about iZettle and how it is to work within tech, they had tons of questions for us. What’s it like to work as a programmer? Where does the name iZettle come from? How do you become a developer? Ruben, Alicia and Linnie took the time to answer all their questions, and we could tell that they were really happy with their visit. Now, our hopes are high that at least some of them will choose an education that can lead to a future career with us!

By the way, did you know that we’re always hiring? Check out our open positions on our site and if you don’t find anything that suits you, make sure to drop us a line anyway at!

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