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Every small business is different, but every one of them needs to get paid. Pick one of our point-of-sale apps and pair it with our award-winning card reader to create a complete POS system – and accept any payment in minutes.

  • No setup fees, no lock-in contracts
  • Take card payments and record sales.
  • Deposits within 1-2 business days.
  • Get sales reports and analytics.

Card Payment Solution

iZettle provides you with the tools you need to build your business, so you can stop sweating the small stuff and keep your eyes on the bigger picture.


Accepting payments should be the simplest thing in the world. Not just for customers, but for small businesses too. So why isn’t it? Payments seem to get more complex every day. There’s a dizzying range of payment types, providers, and technologies to choose from, as well as a seemingly endless assortment of acronyms and terms that you need to stay abreast of. How is anyone supposed to keep up?

You don’t want to worry about payments. You just want to get paid, simple as that. Well, that’s why we’re here.


Picture this. It’s a busy day at your store, the queue is getting longer by the minute, and since you’ve only got one payment terminal open, everything’s moving at a snail’s pace. You see a customer sigh and return their item to the shelves. They’re not going to wait around to deal with your sluggish, out-of-date payment systems. And they shouldn’t have to.

Luckily, there’s something you can do about it. The iZettle Reader is the ideal card payment solution for small businesses looking for an easy-to-use mobile card reader. How does it work? Simple. All you need to do is enter the sale amount, ask the customer to present their card, have them enter their PIN number, and print a receipt. No training necessary, just plug and play!

Use the iZettle Reader anywhere and everywhere. Whether you operate from a shop, studio, or out on the street, you can use our card reader to get paid with minimal fuss. Plus, all-day power—30% longer than other types of mobile card readers—ensures that you’re able to take payment from dawn to dusk. No downtime. No fear that you’ll run out of juice an hour before you close up shop. Just simple, secure payments all day long.

Our card reader also accepts contactless, making the queues move even faster. Tap-and-go payments take just 5 seconds (all other transactions last under 15 seconds). To put that in context, we’re a whopping 25% faster than other mobile card readers on the market, ensuring that you give your customers the short transaction times and speedy service that they’ve come to expect.

There was so much to think about when I first started. But figuring out how to take payments and record sales – that was easy. The card reader, the POS app, the reports – it’s all so hassle-free.



To establish a simple and effective payment process that you never have to worry about, there’s the iZettle Reader. To gain visibility into your sales and take your business to the next level, there’s our POS system.

In the past, point-of-sale software has been the exclusive purview of the major players. But we’re not particularly interested in helping the big get bigger. Our POS software is designed with both big and small businesses in mind, providing you with a whole host of advanced features that can help you make better decisions when it comes to your business.

Using either iZettle Go (for businesses) or iZettle Pro (for restaurants, bars, and cafés, you can stay informed about what’s really going on behind the register. It’s the smarter way to do business. With sales reports and analytics, you can manage your inventory more effectively, spot trends, and find out exactly what works, as well as what doesn’t.

Our card payment solutions are the best way to create a simpler, more agile payments process for your small business. Help us help your business grow.

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  1. Price excluding VAT. Offer valid until 29.08.2019 for one (1) iZettle Reader per new business user. Ordinary card reader price £59 excl. VAT. Subject to availability. Additional terms and conditions apply. iZettle Dock and Reader are sold separately. Price includes a USB cable for charging. The cost for a wall plug is not included. Wall plugs are not currently offered for sale by iZettle.