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Card payment machine for small businesses

Many businesses today need to accept card and contactless payments – whether they’re a big highstreet chain or a little independent shop. More and more customers are choosing to use chip and PIN or contactless card and device payments because they’re easy and quick. In the past, card readers were bulky and expensive. These days, there are a range of lightweight and affordable options to suit businesses of all sizes. So how do you choose?

Fast payments, no fuss

There are certain things you want from a card machine, and some you don’t. So to make it easier to choose the right one for you, look out for:

✓ A reader that will accept multiple types of secure payment, including chip and PIN, and contactless card or device payments like Apple, Samsung and Google Pay.

✓ A fast transaction time – your card reader should power up and process payments in seconds.

✓ Easy-to-use accompanying software that will run your card machine from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

✓ Mobile/cable-free, lightweight, long battery life and a reliable connection to wifi or 3G/4G signal.

✓ No lock-in contracts, no expensive equipment rental fees and no hefty up-front payments.


How to get a card machine for a small business


Decide what setup your business needs. A wireless system you can keep in your pocket, or multiple checkouts with receipt printers and cash drawers?


Use our checklist to choose a dependable card reader. Search for the app that will work with the card reader and check it has good ratings.


Take the app for a test run on your smartphone or tablet, and when you’re happy, order the accompanying card reader.


Pair your new card reader with your device via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to start taking card and contactless payments!

Start growing your business

You can get started right away by downloading the iZettle app and ordering your card reader. It takes a few minutes to pair your new card reader with the app, and you can start taking payments immediately. It’s easy and affordable to use iZettle – with no training required and no lock-in fees. Our card reader works for 8 hours on a single charge, processes payments 25% faster than most other card readers, and fulfils the highest security standards there are. And it looks pretty neat, too.

Customer testimonial

Hassle-free payments

"Thanks to iZettle, we can take hassle-free payments anywhere - in our créperie or when we're out and about. iZettle gives us advantage over fellow traders and helps increase sales since customers sometimes are cashless. It's awesome to be able to accept both credit cards and contactless payments!"