iZettle Reader 2

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As a small business owner, a PDQ machine is essential. Discover some of the reasons why the iZettle Reader 2 is the right option for small businesses all over the world.

  • No setup fees, no lock-in contracts
  • Pay a flat 1.75% per transaction.
  • Deposits within 1-2 business days.
  • PCI certified and EMVCo approved.

What is a PDQ machine?

PDQ stands for “Process Data Quickly,” it’s just another word for a chip & PIN device, credit card machine, or card reader. And in our case, it’s just another term for the iZettle Reader 2. They allow you to process credit card and contactless payments with ease and they’re the best way for small businesses to ensure customers enjoy a speedy and convenient payment experience. Take a look at some of the benefits of our very own PDQ machine.

What is the benefit of a PDQ machine?

When it comes to business, small doesn’t mean powerless. Small = flexible. Small = adaptable. Small = radical. Small isn’t the opposite of big. It’s the start of something bigger. Shouldn’t your card payment system be the same way? With an iZettle Reader 2, you can take hassle-free payments anywhere and everywhere. And by everywhere, we mean everywhere. Whether you’re running a food stall at the local festival or busking on the street, the iZettle portable PDQ machine ensures you get paid promptly. No queues. No fuss. No problem.

The contributions I get have increased significantly. More people than ever tap to donate whilst I sing. And often when one person does, another follows! If street performers like me don’t adapt to the cashless society, we risk becoming a dying art.


What kinds of payment can I accept with a PDQ machine?

Time to face facts. The cashless society isn’t “coming soon”. It’s already here. And if your business doesn’t adapt, you risk getting left behind. Sounds scary? It shouldn’t. t’s a good thing. Out with the old, outdated payment systems, and in with the new. It’s better for you, better for your customers, and better for business, full stop. Just make sure you’re on the right side of history

The iZettle PDQ machine can accept an enormous range of credit card and contactless payments, whether your customers are paying with Diners Club or Visa, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay (yes, we accept mobile payments too!), Mastercard or China Union Pay. You never have to turn away a customer, regardless of where they’re from or what payment option they’re using.

What is a repeat payment?

There’s also the all-new repeat payments function, which allows you to accept repeated payments for one, fixed amount. Think you’ve got a pretty good grasp of speedy payments? Wait until you see this. Explicitly designed for speed and convenience, all your customers need to do is tap their card against the iZettle Reader 2 and a pre-set amount will be charged to their account. For street musicians, fundraisers, or even food stalls with a limited number of menu items, it’s the ideal way to speed up payment and ensure that your customers enjoy the sort of hassle-free service that they’re accustomed to. Plus, humans are creatures of habit. When one person taps, everyone else does. That means more purchases and leads to a bigger impact on your bottom line.

So, what’s the benefit of purchasing a portable PDQ machine for your business? Sure, it guarantees you quick, hassle-free payments. But most of all, it guarantees you a payment process that doesn’t alienate your customers, keeping them coming back for more, time and time again.

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  1. Price excluding VAT. Offer valid until 29.08.2019 for one (1) iZettle Reader 2 per new business user. Ordinary card reader price £59 excl. VAT. Subject to availability. Additional terms and conditions apply. iZettle Dock and Reader 2 are sold separately. Price includes a USB cable for charging. The cost for a wall plug is not included. Wall plugs are not currently offered for sale by iZettle.