Moving from iZettle E-commerce to Selz

Ever since we launched iZettle E-commerce, it has been powered by our partner Selz, and now the time has come for them to take over the service completely.

iZettle E-commerce has been discontinued and replaced with a Selz integration, which means we’ll link your iZettle account to your Selz store. Your customers won’t notice any difference, but you need to change how you manage your store slightly.

Why are you doing this?

For you to get the best out of your store, we’re moving all iZettle E-commerce plans to Selz. Selz offers a wider range of features and has prepared a special subscription plan for former iZettle E-commerce users. Read more about Selz at

How does it work?

If you’re already running an iZettle E-commerce store, it’s easy to keep running it through Selz.

  1. Simply log in to and navigate to E-commerce. From there, we will help you create a Selz account.
  2. You will also be offered a subscription with Selz to replace your iZettle E-commerce subscription.

Once you’ve completed these steps, Selz will run your online store. When you make sales on Selz, they will sync with your iZettle account so that you get an easy overview of your business.

Will my store work differently?

  • From now on, you should log in to to check orders, manage your online sales channels or update the look of your store.
  • Your main product library will remain on iZettle and that is where you should manage your products and inventory. Any products you sell online will still update the inventory in iZettle.

What will remain the same?

  • Your customers won’t notice a change and can shop as usual.
  • There won’t be any changes to the look or layout of your store.
  • Stock levels will stay up to date in your iZettle product library and sync with Selz.
  • Your online sales, paid with iZettle or PayPal, will keep being registered in your iZettle account and appear in reports.
  • Deposits will work as usual for iZettle payments

Will my subscription stay the same?
No, you’ll need to subscribe through Selz, and they’ve prepared a special offer for iZettle E-commerce users. Once you’ve subscribed to Selz, your iZettle E-commerce subscription will be discontinued automatically and Selz will start charging you when your iZettle E-commerce billing cycle ends.

Who do I turn to for support questions?
After you have migrated your account, you should reach out to Selz directly for support issues regarding your online store. However, if you have questions related to the E-commerce migration, your iZettle POS or your iZettle subscription, you can continue to get in touch with the iZettle Support team.

Read more about the Selz integration in this article.


What has happened?
Your online store will no longer be available through iZettle but through Selz instead. You can visit and we’ll help you create an account and select a plan with Selz.

Once that’s done, you can go to to take care of orders instead of clicking the “E-commerce” tab on

Your main product library will still be in iZettle, and you should edit names and prices, etc. on iZettle. However, if you wish to see orders, edit your store or manage your online sales channels (for example on social media) you should do it on

On Selz, the direct link back to the iZettle main dashboard will be gone but the Selz dashboard will look very similar to what you use today.

What will happen to my products after I have migrated?
Your products will remain on iZettle and sync with Selz.

How should I edit my products after I have migrated?
Make sure to continue managing and adding products at and they will be automatically synced at

Your iZettle product library is the source of truth for all product information. This is why we don’t recommend editing products on Editing a product on Selz, then editing it at a later stage on iZettle, would cause the info on Selz to be overwritten.

What if I don’t create an account with or choose a plan with Selz?
If you don’t create an account with Selz you will not be able to access your e-commerce platform, see your orders or use the store builder. However, your customers will still be able to make purchases on your online store.

If you create an account but don’t choose a plan with, you will eventually lose access to your online tools. However, you can always reactivate your account at Selz and access your data again.

What will happen to my iZettle E-commerce subscription?
Since you’ll need to sign up for a plan with Selz directly when this change happens, iZettle will stop billing you for the iZettle E-commerce product. Selz will start charging you when the billing cycle ends on your iZettle subscription. You will not be double-billed.

If you have a subscription including iZettle E-commerce, please check your mail. You should have received an email with further information.

Do I have to create a password on Selz?
Yes, you’ll need to set a password.

Will I still see my sales in iZettle reports?
Yes, sales made in your online store, and paid with iZettle or Paypal, will still be sent to iZettle reports and work just as before. Note that if an order is paid with any other payment provider, it will not show in the iZettle sales report.

What kind of support does Selz offer?
Selz offers 24/7 support in English.

What about my data?
We always process personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. You can read more about how we process personal data in our Privacy Policy. Any information relating to the iZettle payment service set out in our Privacy Policy will continue to apply in relation to online payments made through your webshop. Once you sign up at, you will be provided information on how they process data for use of your webshop through their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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