Card Payments

Our pricing depends on how much you accept card payments in each month. The more you sell, the lower your fee will be.

Each month, your fee starts at 2.75%. Throughout the month, you can qualify for a lower fee by accepting more card payments. Once you hit £2,000 in card payments in a month your fee starts to drop, going as low as 1.00% if you accept more than £40,000. 

When we deposit your money, we always keep 2.75%. However, when the month is over, we retroactively apply the lower fee to all your card payments in that month, if you qualify. We calculate how much you saved, and deposit the difference to you as cash back.

Next month, your fee will be reset to 2.75% again, and the process is repeated.

Here’s an example.

We’ve rounded our fee to two decimal points in this example to make it as clear as possible. If you want to know what your exact fee will be, visit pricing.
You take £5,000 in card payments in June, which means you qualify for a fee of 1.92%. Throughout the month, we keep 2.75% of your card payments. When we deposit your money to you, you pay £5,000 x 2.75% = £137.50 - at first. 

When the month is over, we apply your 1.92% fee to all of your June card sales, and calculate your savings:
How much you paid during June: How much your lower fee was in June: How much we owe you:
( £5,000 x 2.75% = £137.50 ) - ( £5,000 x 1.92% = £96 ) = £41.50 savings due to you

We’ll deposit £41.50 to your account as cash back on the 5th of July, the following month.

Good to know:
  • We don’t charge for cash payments or card payments that are declined.
  • We don’t charge different amounts for different card types, even American Express.

iZettle Reader Fee

The iZettle Reader costs £59 excl. VAT. 

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Requirements on fee information
As of 9 June 2016, new EU legislation requires us to publish information about our fee in a certain way. Our fee varies between 2.75% to 1 % depending on how much you accept in card payments each month. All our costs to the parties involved in transferring a payment from your customer to you are included in this fee. From now on, information about the costs charged by the card issuers and the card schemes (Visa and MasterCard) is set out in the Fee Schedule and is also provided online in the user portal.

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