Our handling of personal data

If you'd like to know more about how we handle personal data, please read more in our Privacy Policy. It governs all processing activities where iZettle act as a data controller. 

How you should handle personal data

If you use iZettle Invoicing to charge your customers, you have some obligations as a data controller. 

To help you meet your obligations, we will produce a privacy policy on your behalf. The privacy policy will be populated with your contact details and explains how you will process your customers’ personal data and their rights. There will be a link to this privacy policy in the payment overview available to your customers. It’s important that you read and understand the content of the privacy policy, as both your customers and iZettle expect you to act in accordance with it.

For a preview of the template privacy policy created, click here
More information about our terms and conditions can be found in our Legal Hub.

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