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About the product library

The product library is the hub of all your products. This is where you can add custom images, update prices and create discounts. 

Spend some time setting up your library and make use of all the smart features available so that you can ring up sales quickly and make refunds effortlessly. Once you’ve set up your library and started selling, you can measure the health of your business through Reports that track valuable data such as top-selling products and sales stats.

You can set up your product library directly in the iZettle Go app, or on - where you can do more advanced tasks like importing from spreadsheets and bulk updating products and variants.

The product library on

On, under the tab “Products” you’ll find all your products. From here you can add a new product, import or export to and from spreadsheets and edit existing products.

Faq pl webIn the product list, you can find products through sorting and search, quickly edit multiple fields by tabbing and easily navigate to a specific product.

Sorting columns

03By clicking on the column name, you can change the default sorting of the list. By default, all products are sorted alphabetically by product name (from a to z, numbers before letters). To view products in the opposite order (ie from z to a), just click the header and the order will be reversed. By clicking again you’ll go back to the default. 

Clicking on the columns to change the order of your products does not change the way your products are displayed in the iZettle Go app.

Quick edit mode

Pl web quick editBy moving your mouse over a product, a pen and rubbish bin icon appear at the end of the row. To edit the product information click on the pen icon, edit directly in the fields and click on the check-mark or press enter to save. 
By clicking on the rubbish bin icon, your product will be deleted. This cannot be undone. 

Bulk delete

Pl web bulk deleteBy selecting multiple products you can delete them all at once by clicking on the red rubbish bin icon. This action cannot be undone and the products will be permanently deleted. 

The product library in the iZettle Go app

In the iZettle Go app, you’ll find all your products under the tab “Library”. From here, you can organise your products to ring up sales quickly, add new products and edit existing ones.

List or grid view? 
The product library can be displayed in a few different ways. You can either view the library as a grid (if you’re using an iPad, you can change the size of your grid by using the icon above it), or you can swipe to the left and view your library as a list with a search bar above it. 

Organising your products in folders
You can group products together to easier find them in the iZettle Go App while taking payments by adding them to a folder. This can be done in the iZettle Go App, or on

Adding products

In the iZettle Go-app
Go into “Library” and begin by clicking the “Edit” button, followed by the “+” sign to the right. Select whether you’d like to add a “Product” or “Discount”. When you select “Product”, enter the name, price, variants if needed and a photo. If you have a business account, you can also select the correct VAT rate for the product.
Product with variants optimized
Sign in to your portal at and go to the “Products” tab. Click on the “Add product” button in the top right-hand corner and add all relevant details such as name, price and inventory. If you have a business account, you can also select the correct VAT rate for the product.

Adding products in bulk
If you have a large number of products, you can bulk add them into your product library on by uploading an Excel file with the details. You can add up to 2,000 products at a time, and the process can be repeated if you have many products. 

When importing products in bulk, you can also import inventory values. Read more about setting up inventory here

Setting prices

When creating a new product in the library, you can choose to either set a fixed price or a price based on a custom unit like kilos or hours.

Price per unit 
Set a fixed price or price per unit for each of your products/services. You can also leave the price field empty and manually enter the amount each time you add it to a shopping cart. 
Custom unit
You can also set your own price based on a custom unit like pounds, hours or any other unit you’d like. Simply enter the unit of the product (i.e. kilo) and the price per unit. When you add a product to a shopping cart, enter the number of kilos sold and the price will be calculated automatically.

Setting up categories 

When you create a new product or when you’re editing an existing product, you can decide which category you want to place it in. 

Adding products to a specific category is useful because you can then filter your sales reports to show you how different categories sold by week, month or year or season.

Good to know: for now, categories can only be added and viewed on 

Adding and assigning categories

Whether you’re creating a new product or editing an existing one – categories can be assigned in two ways: 

In bulk – In the product list, you can select a group of products that you’d like to assign the same category. For example, if you have different ceramic pots, you can add them to the “ceramics” category so that you can compare them with your “porcelain” pieces at the end of the month.

Single – Each product has a detail page (shown below). Here you can add a category to each specific product simply by typing in the “Category” field and clicking ‘add new’.

You can always select and assign from previously created products, too.

Faq pl web category

Important to keep in mind while categorising products
Think about how you’d like to organise your products into categories beforehand. You can always change categories afterwards by removing them and creating new ones. However, the new category won’t show up in your reports until you’ve made a few sales, so if you’ve had different categories assigned to a product it might look a little weird to begin with.

To remove a category
Simply click on the “x” and remember to save. This action will leave the product uncategorised – meaning it will show up without a category in your reports.

For now, categories are not visible in the iZettle Go app. 

If you have iZettle Ecommerce then you will not see Categories reflected in your Reports.

If you’ve used categories and have some feedback, please don’t hesitate to fill out this survey and help us improve the feature.

Adding variants

You can add multiple variants to a product that comes in more than one option, such as size, colour and style. You can add up to three options per product. Each combination of options makes a variant. A product can have up to 100 variants in total.

For example, you’re selling a T-shirt that comes in two options: Size and Colour. The size option has three values: Small, Medium, Large. The colour values are: Black and White. A variant example for this product is T-shirt, Small, Black.

Note: If you want to add multiple variants to a product that already has legacy variant options, you will need to create a new product. 

In the iZettle Go-app

  1. From the library, tap “Edit” and then the “+” button in the right-hand corner. 
  2. Add a product name. If you fill in price and/or cost price, these values will automatically be applied to all variants. You don’t need to fill in barcode, in stock and SKU as these values are added per variant.
  3. Tap the Add options in the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap Add option to add your first option. Choose between the predefined options in the list or type in a custom name for your option.
  5. Now you can add values for your option. Tap “Done” on the keyboard or tap the plus icon to add the option value. Repeat this step until you have added all values. Tap “Save”.
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 until you have added all options to your product. 
  7. Tap save. You will now see all product variants in the list. 
  8. Tap on a variant to edit values such as barcode, in stock and SKU.

Product without variants optimized


  1. In the Variant section of the product page, click Add option
  2. Enter a name for the first option. Keep in mind that the order you set up the options in will be the same order it is displayed as in your POS and online store
  3. Fill in option values. Separate the values with a comma or by pressing enter
  4. If you want to add more options click Add option. You can add up to three options per product
  5. A list with your variants appears below and you can fill in attributes such as price, barcode, stock and SKU. If you have entered these attributes on product details, they will be pre-filled on the variant level.

For products that don’t have any variants – pricing, stock and shipping are shown on product details. Once you have added variants, these attributes are editable on variant-level, instead of product-level.

Bulk-editing variants

If you want to edit lots of variants at once (for example, changing the price of many variants in one go) follow these steps:

In the iZettle Go-app

  1. From the library, tap “Edit” and then tap the product you want to edit the variants of. 
  2. In the variant section, tap “Edit” and then select the thing you want to change.
  3. Select the variants you want to make changes to. You can also select multiple variants at once by tapping the filter button. 
  4. Apply the change and tap ‘Save’

In the ‘Variant details’ section of the product page, select the checkboxes of the variants you want to edit. You can also select multiple variants at once from the top left checkbox dropdown. 

  1. Select the action that you want to apply in the ‘Actions’ dropdown.
  2. Apply the change and click ‘Save’

Adding to shopping cart and discounts

Adding products to the cart and using discounts can only be done in the iZettle Go App. 

Adding to cart
By clicking on a product in your library it is added to the cart. Once a product has been added to the cart you can tap on the product to:

  • Increase the amount of that product
  • Add a comment regarding that specific product, which can also be done when selling a product with a custom amount price. 
  • Add a discount to that specific product

Adding a discount
From your product library, click on “Edit” and then the “+” button in the right-hand corner. Select “Discount”, enter either a percentage or a fixed amount, and give it a name.

Using a discount
You can apply a discount to individual items or all items in the shopping cart. Go into the cart, click the “Discount” button, and select either a percentage or fixed amount. Or you can apply a discount to specific products in the cart by clicking on the item and editing the “Discount” field.

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