Product library

You can create a product library that contains all the different products that you sell. You can manage your product library directly in the app, or on
Adding products
Price per unit and Custom unit
When creating a new product, you can choose either price per unit or custom unit.

Price per unit
This allows you to enter a fixed price for the product. You can also choose to leave the price field empty. If you leave it empty, you will need to enter an amount every time you add the product to the shopping cart. 

Custom unit
Custom unit allows you to sell products per pound, mile or any other unit you’d like. Simply enter the unit of the product (i.e. lb.) and the price per unit. When adding the product to the shopping cart, you enter the number of lb. sold and the price is then automatically calculated. 

Adding your first product
In the app
Start by tapping the “+”-button. Then write the name of the product, enter the price and add a picture if you’d like. You can also select the correct VAT rate for the product.

Sign in to your portal at and go to “My products”. Click on “Add a product” and add a description, enter the price and a photo if you’d like. You can also select the correct VAT rate for the product.

Please note that the image you upload needs to be square, about 600*600 pixels, and in a .jpg or .png format.
Adding more products
In the app
First tap “Edit” and then the “+”-button that appears, then simply repeat the steps outlined above.
Simply follow the same steps as when you added your first product.
Products with several variants
If you sell a product that comes in different sizes, colours or at different price points, you can just create one product and then add variants of that product. Each variant can have a unique name and price. Simply tap the “Edit”-button, then the product and choose “Add variant”. You can for instance sell small, medium or large coffees, all at different prices.
If you have a business account, you can select VAT settings for each of the products that you add to your product library.
Organising your products in folders

In the app
You can group similar products together in folders. Start by tapping “Edit”, then drag and drop a product on top of another to create a folder. Give your folder an appropriate name and continue adding as many products as you wish by dragging and dropping them. 
Editing products

​In the app
Tap “Edit”, then select the product that you want to make changes to.
When in “Edit” mode, you can also choose to delete the product.
Click on the “Edit” button next to the product that you want to edit.
In this view, you can also choose to delete the product.
You can give discounts in percentages or in fixed amounts. Either add a discount to the entire shopping cart by pressing the ”%”, or to a specific product in the shopping cart by pressing any item added to the cart. 

You can also add discounts as items in your product library for quicker access.

Comment on an item
Simply tap a product in the shopping cart to add a comment. Note: Only available for iOS devices.

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