How to integrate with BigCommerce

By integrating with BigCommerce you can:

  • Sync all products from iZettle to BigCommerce
  • Automatically sync the changes you make in iZettle to your products in BigCommerce
  • Automatically sync inventory changes to and from both platforms

Before you begin

To gain the most benefit from this integration, we recommend that you make sure your iZettle stock quantities are up to date.

You’ll need a BigCommerce account with which to connect the integration. Use your existing account or create a new BigCommerce on the BigCommerce webpage

How to set up the BigCommerce integration

Connect accounts

  1. Sign in to your iZettle account at
  2. Go to your Applications page
  3. Click on the BigCommerce button, then click "Connect”.
    Note: Currently, we are only able to connect one BigCommerce store to one iZettle account.
  4. You will be redirected to BigCommerce where you can choose to create a new BigCommerce account or enter the login details for your existing store, then click on “Confirm”. You will be redirected back to iZettle.
    Your iZettle account and BigCommerce account are now connected.
  5. You will now be asked if you want to import prices from iZettle to BigCommerce. This can only be done if you have matching currency settings in iZettle and BigCommerce. 

This setting will affect the initial synced products as well as all future synced products, and can only be changed by disconnecting and reconnecting the integration. So, if you sync products without prices, any product you add in iZettle later will also sync to BigCommerce without a price.

Adding taxes

iZettle prices always include tax but on BigCommerce you can choose whether to include tax in your prices or not.

Important: If you choose not to include taxes in the price of your BigCommerce products, but still have taxes included in your iZettle prices, your margins will be affected. 

In this case, we recommend not syncing prices but instead adding your price in BigCommerce after the products have been synced. Tax settings are not exported from iZettle, so your products will come under the BigCommerce tax rules.

Click the “Start sync” button and your product sync will start.

You're all set!

Important: Make sure you always update your products in iZettle as any updates you make in BigCommerce will be overwritten.

There are a few exceptions: Any updates you make to the VAT in BigCommerce will not be overwritten. If you choose not to sync prices from iZettle, you will be able to set the prices in BigCommerce without them being overwritten.

Also, BigCommerce has more product information than iZettle offers, so product information that is unique for BigCommerce has to be updated in BigCommerce, for example product descriptions to be displayed in the online store front, or shipping weight. 

Syncing products to BigCommerce 

When syncing products from iZettle to BigCommerce, they will be placed in a new category at BigCommerce called 'iZettle”. Once you have placed the products in the relevant BigCommerce category, assigned them a shipping weight and possibly a price, you can make them visible in your BigCommerce storefront. 

How to disconnect the integration

  1. Sign in to your iZettle account at
  2. Go to your Applications page and click the BigCommerce integration
  3. Click the disconnect button
  4. Your BigCommerce account will be disconnected from iZettle. The products on BigCommerce previously imported from iZettle will not be deleted but will no longer be in sync with iZettle.

You can also disconnect the integration from the BigCommerce side. Log in to your BigCommerce account, go to Apps > MyApps > iZettle and click uninstall.


Import and sync

I have a lot of duplicated products after the sync! How do I fix that?
If you have the same or similar products in BigCommerce and iZettle before setting up the sync, you will get duplicates. But the products synced from iZettle will end up in a new category called “iZettle” and can easily be identified. 

The integration says setup is incomplete – what should I do?
You may not have completed every step to sync your products. Click into the BigCommerce integration and complete the setup.

Can I export my products from BigCommerce to iZettle?
No, we don’t support this at the moment.

Can I connect multiple BigCommerce stores to my iZettle account?
You can only connect one iZettle account to one BigCommerce store.

Which products will be synced?
All your products in iZettle will be synced and added to BigCommerce. 

Why can’t I sync my products’ prices?
Your BigCommerce store needs to have the same currency as your iZettle store if you want to sync prices. If they are not the same, you can choose to not sync your prices, your prices will then be set to 0 in BigCommerce after the sync setup and you should change them there.

What product information will and will not be imported and synced?



Product name

iZettle Category




Variant options

Product images

Inventory level**


Bar code



iZettle Folder


* Price import only possible if both platforms have the same currency
**Inventory synced only if tracked in iZettle

Managing product data

How is my VAT/tax handled?
BigCommerce uses the tax settings in your BigCommerce store and applies them to all products synced from iZettle. If you sell products with different VAT rates, please make sure to update their VAT once the sync is complete. Changes you make in BigCommerce or iZettle to VAT are never overwritten or synced, it is not part of the integration.

What product information should I manage in BigCommerce?
We recommend you manage your product information in iZettle. The exception is product information which is specific to BigCommerce, for example product descriptions and shipping weight, which have to be managed in BigCommerce. Also, if you have chosen to not sync prices from iZettle, you have to manage them in BigCommerce. 

What product information should I manage in iZettle?
We recommend you manage all of the product information synced to BigCommerce in iZettle. Product information which is synced to BigCommerce from iZettle will overwrite any changes made in BigCommerce once synced with iZettle again. 

How do I add a product that I don’t want to sell through BigCommerce?
All products added to iZettle will be synced to BigCommerce once the integration is set up and connected. However, added products will end up in BigCommerce in the “iZettle” category and will be hidden from the storefront. 

How do I add a product that I don’t want to sell through iZettle?
If you have products which you want to sell only in BigCommerce and not in iZettle, you can create the product in BigCommerce and it will not be synced to iZettle. 

What happens if I add a new product in BigCommerce?
Adding a new product in BigCommerce won’t add the product to iZettle, so we recommend adding new products in iZettle instead while using this integration.

What happens if Iupdate a product in BigCommerce?
Any product updates made in BigCommerce won’t update your iZettle store. This applies to all products, whether they were synced from iZettle or not. The change you made in BigCommerce will also be overwritten the next time you update the product in iZettle.

What happens if I update a product in iZettle?
Updating a product in iZettle will automatically update the product in BigCommerce.

I’ve updated my product in iZettle, when will I see the changes appear in BigCommerce?
Changes made in iZettle will update in BigCommerce almost immediately. Inventory updates in BigCommerce will take a few seconds to sync to iZettle. 

Some of my products haven’t appeared in my BigCommerce library, what can I do?
Find the product in iZettle and make a small edit (such as the name) and click “Save” to start the sync again, then check your BigCommerce products to see if the product has appeared.

If the product still doesn’t appear in your BigCommerce library, please contact support.

Managing inventory and sales

Can I disable syncing of inventory tracking?
No. With this integration, the inventory will always be synced between platforms.

If I sell in BigCommerce, will the inventory be updated in iZettle?
Yes. An order in BigCommerce will update the inventory number in iZettle, too.

If I sell in iZettle, will the inventory be updated in BigCommerce?
Yes. A sale or refund in iZettle will update the inventory number in BigCommerce, too.

What happens if I manually update the inventory in BigCommerce/iZettle?
Regardless of where you update your inventory, the update will be reflected in the other platform.

Will BigCommerce take a percentage fee of the sales made in iZettle?
No. Sales made in iZettle will only update your inventory in BigCommerce, it will not be considered a sale.

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