Updating the software of your card reader

Having the latest software improves Bluetooth and overall stability of the card reader. 

- Make sure that the card reader and your smartphone or tablet are charged before you update the software. 
- Keep the smartphone or tablet close to the card reader during the update.
  1. Make sure that the iZettle Reader is connected to your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Open your iZettle Go app.
  3. Go to “Settings“ and then to "Card readers“. 
  4. Tap the green button saying “Update reader”. This button only appears when an update is available. It might take a few seconds for the button to appear.
    The update usually takes around 2-3 minutes for the iZettle Reader and 10 minutes for the Pro Contactless. 
  5. ​The app will inform you when the card machine has been successfully updated, and is then ready to be used again.

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