Account statement

Under “Account statement” on, we have gathered all the events on your iZettle account so you can easily follow your money all the way to the bank.

You can view all of the following events in chronological order, or filter one or several types:

  • Card payments
  • Fees
  • Cashbacks (in regards to Pricing)
  • Deposits to bank account
In the column called “Balance” you can see your accumulated balance at a specific period in time. After a deposit has been made to your bank account (daily, monthly or weekly), the balance is usually zero. If not, you can see how much money is still due in your iZettle account. Note that if you have reserved an amount for refunds the balance will never be zero.

Note that only transactions that have been cleared by the bank will be shown in the list of events. The payments that have not yet been cleared by the bank, will be visible in a lump sum at the top of the list. You can see all your payments (cleared & not cleared, card & cash payments) in the “Receipts” tab.

Read more here about deposits to your bank account here.

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