Troubleshooting the iZettle Reader

What to do if your iZettle Reader doesn’t work.

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I can’t turn it on
1. Charging issues
2. My Reader won’t start
I can turn it on but it doesn’t work
1. Update firmware
2. The screen keeps showing “Looking for”
3. The screen has frozen or is showing an odd text
4. My Reader keeps restarting
5. “Reader Damaged” message
6. My Reader is not reading cards
Other issues

I can’t turn it on

1. Why is my Reader not charging?

You can always check if your iZettle Reader is charging from the app:

- Go to the iZettle app menu by tapping .
- Then go to Settings > Card readers.
- A “Charging” indicator will appear next to Battery level when your iZettle Reader is charging.

If you’re using a Dock to charge your Reader, the LED light should light up as green.

If you’ve checked the above and there is no sign that your iZettle Reader is charging, then follow this guide:

Possible Issue Solution
The charging plates on your Reader or the Dock are dirty. Dirt can accumulate over time and prevent a charge. Gently clean the 2 small golden circles behind the Reader or on the Dock with a soft brush or cloth and alcohol. Do not use anything metallic to avoid damaging the plates.
The USB port, outlet or cable is faulty. If you haven't done so, try a different port. Alternatively, try a different USB cable.
The Reader isn’t aligned properly with the charging plates on the Dock. Check the alignment and try reconnecting your Reader to the Dock.
The Reader is malfunctioning. Try restarting the Reader by holding the power button.

If you’ve tried all the above and your iZettle Reader is still not charging, contact our Support Team for further assistance.

2. Why won't my Reader start?

Make sure that your credit card machine is charged. Connect it to power either via USB or the Dock. Hold the power button for a few seconds to reset your Reader. You may need to hold it for more than 20 seconds. At this point, your Reader should start.

If your Reader is still not starting, please contact our Support team for further assistance.

I can turn it on but it doesn’t work

1. Update firmware

Always make sure your Reader is running on the latest firmware. Having the latest firmware improves overall stability of your Reader.

To update the Reader’s firmware, open the iZettle app and go to Settings > Card Readers and check if there’s any available update. A button Update Reader will show if there’s any firmware update available for your iZettle Reader. You can read more about how to update your Reader’s firmware here. Note that the Reader must be connected via Bluetooth with your device in order to update its firmware.

Also ensure you have the latest iZettle app version installed on your device. The latest version of the iZettle app is available on Google Play and on the App Store – just search “iZettle” and tap Update, if there are any available. You can also click here to check for updates if you’re using a supported Android or iOS device.

2. My Reader keeps showing “Looking for” or ”Waiting for” when I’m trying to pair it to my smartphone or tablet.

If your Reader shows “Looking for” (on iOS) or “Waiting for” (on Android), this means that your Reader has been previously paired either with the same device or a difference device.

If your Reader is not detected by your smartphone/tablet, first make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your device. If it has not been previously paired and you just turned the Reader on, restart pairing by holding the OK button for 3-5 seconds and then completing the standard pairing steps.

If your Reader still shows “Looking for”/”Waiting for”, go to Bluetooth settings on your smartphone or tablet. Then check if the iZettle Reader appears on the list and is shown as Connected. If there are any other Readers that appear to be paired as well, remove those devices that you do not need by tapping on “i” and then on “Forget Device”. Only the Reader you would like to connect should remain on the list. Restart the pairing steps again.

When the Reader shows “Connected to”, the pairing should work normally.

Android specific:

If the reader you would like to pair is showed as connected in your smartphone/tablet’s Bluetooth settings and no other Readers are shown as connected, pairing should work now.

If the above steps do not work, try pairing the Reader with another smartphone/tablet to determine if the pairing issue is specific to your device model.

If the issue persists, please contact our Support team for further assistance and mention the device model you are using.

3. My reader just froze, showed a strange text and could not be switched off.

- Hold the power button until the Reader turns off. You may need to hold it for more than 20 seconds.
- Switch it on again.
- The Reader should work normally.

Then make sure that the Reader is running on the latest firmware to reduce chances of such cases happening. See “Update firmware” above or click here to see how to update the firmware.

4. My Reader keeps restarting

Make sure that the Reader is running on the latest firmware. See “Update firmware” above or click here to see how to update the firmware.

5. My Reader is showing Reader Damaged.

Our Readers are designed to show the “Reader Damaged” message when they detect that there is an issue within them. When this happens, the Readers will self-destruct for security reasons. If your Reader displays this message, it can no longer be used. Read more about your Reader's warranty here and please contact our Support team for further assistance.

6. My Reader is not reading cards

This issue is mostly Android related and happens when the Reader is ready to take cards but the iZettle app is not. Firstly, only insert or swipe the card when the “Insert/Swipe card” message is shown in your Reader.

If your customer’s card still can’t be read, go into Settings > Card readers in the iZettle app and check if the Reader is connected. If the Reader is connected and the “Insert/Swipe card” screen is shown, it means there’s a good connection between the Reader and your smartphone/tablet and your Reader should be able to read cards. If the problem persists, please get in touch with our Support Team for further assistance.

Other issues

If the suggestions above didn't’ help with your issue, please get in touch with our Support Team and we’ll help you.

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