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This article contains information regarding our EPOS system - iZettle Pro

Option Groups

From Version 4.0 onward, you can now add Products via Backoffice. All Products need to be in a Category and All Category’s need to be in a 'Department'. Therefore you should first create your 'Departments', then your 'Categories' then finally, 'Products'.


Departments' are the highest level and are purely used to group the 'Categories' for reporting. For example; Wet/Dry or Mens Clothing/Ladies Clothing. Unlike 'Products' and 'Categories', 'Departments' do not show as a button on the iPad. To view the active 'Departments', log on to 'Backoffice' and click 'Products' and then 'Departments.'

To create a 'Department' click 'Create department' on the top left of the screen. On the screen that pops up, type the name of the department, select a colour and click 'Save'.

Once you have created your 'Departments', you can move on to create 'Categories'


Categories' are the buttons which appear along the bottom of the till screen and are a way of grouping similar products together for ease of use and for reporting. Examples include Starters, Main Course for Hospitality or Dresses, Shorts… for Retail

Categories' can be added or changed by selecting 'Products' from the menu on the left and then 'Categories', this brings up the following screen:

To add a new category, select the 'Create category' button, which will bring up the following screen:

Here you can enter the name of the 'Category', select a button colour, assign it to a department and set where you would like the station and/or kitchen receipts for products in the category print to.
For example, you may like to have 'Main courses' print in the 'Kitchen' and 'Desserts' print at 'Station 1'. Once you have completed this, click 'Create'.
The order the 'Categories' appear on the 'Categories' screen is the order they will print on the receipts. To move the 'Categories', click and drag the small icon on the right of the individual category to move it up or down.


To add a 'Product', select 'Products' from the menu on the left and then select 'Products' again and then 'Add product', this displays the following screen:

Here you can set the 'Product name', the 'Category' it is assigned to, as well as entering a brief description of the product which will be used in a future update to the application.

If the product has a barcode, this can be entered into the 'SKU' field, Promotions' can be allowed or disallowed on the product by changing the setting on the allow promotions option.

The 'Product' can be disabled by changing the 'Is product active' value to 'no'. The button colour that the product appears on the screen with is selected from the 'Select colour' option.

If the product has either 'Volume' (where the product is sold by weight rather than a fixed price) or 'Open pricing' (where the product does not have a fixed price) this can be turned on from the 'Price and Tax' section, you can also set the 'Product price' (inc. VAT) and the 'Cost price' of the 'Product' here.

The 'Tax rate' of the product can be changed from the drop down box, and the 'Take out price' and 'Tax' can be set below this (if appropriate).  If you operate a 'Loyalty scheme', the points awarded when the product is purchased and the points required for redemption under the 'Loyalty scheme', can be set in the redemption section.

Option Groups

Option groups' are what we used to call 'Modifiers' or 'Variants'. To add 'Cooking instructions' for 'Products' (e.g. a steak may have rare, medium, well done etc.), select 'Products' from the menu on the side, and then 'Instructions', from here you can select the 'Create instruction' option, which brings up the following screen:

From here, the 'Name of the instruction' (e.g. well done) can be entered and the colour of the instruction on the till can be set.  Once this has been done click 'Save', and go back into 'Products' and select the 'Product' you wish to add the 'Instructions' to.

Next, select the 'Option groups' tab and 'Create new group', and then give it a name, such as 'Steak cooking options', and select 'Add instruction', start typing the name of the instruction and the autocomplete will find it, and then, select the 'Add' option.  To add 'Chargeable products' (such as steak sauces), select the 'Add products' option and search for the 'Product' and then enter the amount extra you wish to charge for it.

Once this 'Option group' has been created, it can quickly be applied to other 'Products' by going into that products 'Option groups', selecting use 'Existing group' and selecting the group you have previously setup.

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