Button layouts

You can configure the layout of the iPad buttons on your till to maximise efficiency and ease of use for your staff. For example, you can place the most popular products in easy reach, or perhaps create a section as a reminder to your staff to upsell certain items. 

To start, you’ll need to log into your backoffice portal and create a button layout. Visit the ‘Layouts’ option in the menu on the left hand side. You’ll be able to see all the current layouts you have. Press ‘Create Button Layout.


You can name your layout - for example, ‘Spirits’ - assign it a colour and press ‘Save’ to store it. Press ‘Manage Buttons’ to edit what options show on this layout.

There are two ways to add products to the button layout. You can either press the ‘Add Product’ button, or search through your products for the one you’d like to add, select them and press ‘Add’. In addition, you can drag the buttons around into the exact order you’d like by pressing the three-lined icon on the top left of the product button.

In this window you can also add different sizes to your products using the ‘Portion Control’ option. For example, you can split drinks into small, medium and large. Press the ‘Add Portion Control’ button to do so. You can split these out and move them around the layout just like any other button.

If you’d like to set up different layouts per terminal - for example, the terminal by the bar vs the terminal at your restaurant - select the ‘Per Terminal Layout’ option in the ‘Layouts’ menu. Now you can select each terminal and assign a custom button layout to each.

To reset to the original layout, simply press ‘Reset To Default’. Your custom layouts will still be available, but your terminal will return to its original state.

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