Managing employees

​This article contains information regarding iZettle Pro

Employees can be managed from the Backoffice, to do this, select 'Employees' from the menu down the left side, and then select 'Management', this brings up the following screen:

To create a new user of the till system, select the 'Create new user' option which brings up the following screen:

Enter the 'Username' you want to be displayed on the iPad, enter a 1 - 8 digit password for the user to login with, and select their role (Manager, Supervisor or Staff). Once this is done, select the 'Save' button and the user will then be able to login on the iPad.

The system can be set so that users who are not managers or supervisors are not able to perform certain functions.

To set this up, you will need to access this through the intelligentpos app. Go to “Settings” and select “Users” this will display the following screen:

From here you can select the options that managers, supervisors and staff have permission to perform. Once you have made all the necessary changes, select the 'Save' button and the changes will be applied to the iPad.


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