Managing employees

All of your employees can be users on your account and there are no limits on the number you can add. There are three tiers of access - Manager, Supervisor and Staff - to which you can tailor responsibilities based on seniority.

To add or remove a user of your system, you need to use the backoffice web portal. Login and select ‘Employees’ from the menu on the left side, followed by ‘Management’. You will see a list of everyone who uses your account, as shown in the following screen:

If you need to add a new member of staff as a user of the till system, select the ‘Create New User’ option. You will then see the following screen:

​Enter a username for this person that will be displayed on the iPad and a 1-8 digit password for them to use when they login. Finally, you can choose their designated role (Manager, Supervisor or Staff) and press ‘Save’. Now this person will be able to login and use the system. To remove a user from the system, simply press ‘Delete’.

You can also set your system to ensure all your staff members have the right amount of access to backend systems. For example, you may want to ensure that only your Supervisor can perform a refund.

To access these options, you’ll need to use the iZettle Pro app. When logged in, choose the ‘Settings’ option and select ‘Users’. You’ll see the following screen:

From this screen you can select options that Managers, Supervisors and Staff have permission to perform. Just remember to always press ‘Save’ whenever you’ve made a permission change. The new settings will automatically apply to the iPad.

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