Customising your receipts

It’s easy to alter the design of your receipts. This can be a nice touch for your customers once they’ve done business with you - and adding things like your business logo, contact details and address can really help with retention and repeat visitors.

You can add a header and footer to your receipts within the iZettle Pro app. You can even do this for each of your business terminals, so you can have different messages at each.

To add, remove or edit a header and footer to your receipts, first login to the iZettle Pro app. Then visit the ‘Settings’ option on the menu, followed by ‘Printers’ and finally the ‘Receipts’ tab at the top. Scroll to the ‘Header Text / Footer Text’ option and press it. From this screen, you can enter the information you would like to print on your customer receipts.

Here’s an example, where the header text is used for address and contact details, with the footer containing the VAT number. There’s also an option to add a logo or not, depending on what you need.

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