Compatible hardware

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Barcode Scanner
What EPOS hardware should I choose?

This list will be updated as new hardware is made available for use with the application.


Star Micronics TSP654 (Bluetooth or Ethernet/LAN)
Star Micronics TSP143 (Lightning or Ethernet/LAN)
Star Micronics SP742 (Ethernet/LAN)
Star Micronics TM-300i Mobile Printer (Bluetooth)
Star SM-L200 Mobile Printer (Bluetooth)
Star mPOP All in one printer and Cash Drawer (Bluetooth)
Epson TM-T70 (Ethernet/LAN)
Epson TM-T20 (Ethernet/LAN)
Epson TM T88V (Ethernet/LAN) 
PowaPOS T25 (Ethernet/LAN)

Integrated Card Payment Solutions

iZettle Reader


iPads must support iOS 11.0 or higher. 
For a full list of iOS 11 compatible iPads, please visit the iOS 11 page on Apple's website (bottom of page)

Barcode Scanner

Socket Mobile 7Ci Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

What EPOS hardware should I choose?

iZettle Pro requires an Apple iPad Air 2 or higher, running the latest version of iOS,  the operating system provided as standard by Apple.

To make the most out of your iZettle Pro EPOS system we recommend you also have either a wifi connection or a 3G router at your location.

A typical setup for using iZettle Pro includes:

  • iPad Air 2 or higher
  • Wifi Router
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • A Cash Drawer with RJ11 connection
  • CAT5E Network Cable

We cannot guarantee the compatibility of pre-existing hardware or hardware purchased from other suppliers. If you have existing hardware or any questions regarding your options/choices please contact Support for assistance.

Important Note:
Some routers, including BT hubs and Technicolor routers, display a network warning page if your DSL internet connection is lost. In the event of an internet outage your printers should remain unaffected, however, this page prevents the correct operation of the printers by blocking their activity.

In some cases, it is possible to disable this dialogue. Contact the router manufacturer or ISP for help on this. In other cases, it is not possible to deactivate these pages. We recommend replacing standard grade routers such as these with an ADSL Modem Router recommended and purchased from our support team. These routers will continue to operate in the case of an internet outage without blocking local traffic and are of a much higher operational reliability.

Wireless routers often periodically renew the IP address of the devices connected to them. To avoid this, fix the printer's IP address in your router admin panel. Never use the same wifi network that is used for public access as the extra traffic and IP address assigned to multiple devices can cause problems if not configured correctly. Separate VLANs should always be used. For more information contact our sales and support advisors.


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