Option groups

You may wish to have an additional window appear after selecting a certain item on the till. This could include cooking options or additional extras - for example a steak could have some free options like rare or well done, and some charged options of chips or peppercorn sauce.

To create a custom option group, first you’ll need to add the product and the relevant options. Please visit the section in our FAQs called ‘Organising Your Products’ to see how this works.

Adding option groups in the app

Select the options you wish to add to this product and press ‘Configure Option Groups’. You’ll see the following screen:

The items you’ve selected will be imported to the next window, showing the ‘Option Group Settings’. Here you can add prices to any items or options you have added, set mandatory options or a maximum amount of additions. For example if you’re adding options for a steak, you can set the cooking instruction option group as a mandatory choice, whereas a choice of sauce or extras can be at the customer’s discretion.

Ensure to save your changes after editing and then press ‘Update’ on the ‘Options Groups Settings’ page. Your options will now work for all the till systems.

Adding options in the Backoffice 

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