Pairing chip & pin card readers

Pairing the iZettle Reader 2 via Bluetooth

1. In-app pairing
To connect your iZettle Reader 2 with your tablet, open the Settings > Integrations > iZettle Settings > Card readers.

  • Now simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Pairing other iZettle card readers

To pair your Chip and PIN reader, you’ll need an iZettle account set up before you begin the process. The first time you start the card reader, it automatically enters pairing mode.

  1. If this isn’t the first time you’ve started the reader, press the Bluetooth button and release when the pairing symbol is displayed.
  2. Go to the iPad settings and turn Bluetooth on.
  3. Wait for ‘iZettle ###’ to appear and tap to connect. The ### represents the last 3 digits of the card reader’s serial number, which you can locate on the back of the device. A six digit code will appear on the iPad and the same code should appear on your card reader.
  4. Confirm on both devices to pair them.
  5. Open the iZettle Pro App and select Settings > Integrations.
  6. In Card payments, select iZettle.
  7. Select iZettle Settings and enter your iZettle username and password. You are now ready to start receiving card payments.​

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