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Inventory Management (Pilot)

This page is for the inventory management Beta, for information about our current inventory feature, visit this article, if you want to know how to add products in general, read our product library article.
If you are part of this Pilot, click here to manage your inventory.

With iZettle’s new Inventory Management feature you can:

  • Get a complete overview of your stock

  • Track items

  • Update stock levels and edit SKU (stock keeping unit) numbers from right inside the inventory management page

  • See a real-time stock value of each item

Inventory tracking will keep your inventory levels up to date no matter how many devices you are using. When you track the items in your inventory, you will see a notification in your shopping cart if they start to run low, giving you a complete overview of your stock and allowing you plenty of time to order new products. 

Managing your inventory 

You no longer need to edit each item individually when you want to update your stock numbers. You can simply check the “TRACK” box to activate inventory tracking and click on the number in your "IN STOCK" field to update. 

Pro tip: Use the TAB key to hop between “In Stock” item values to speed up editing. 

Remember to click ‘Save changes’ or press enter after making any updates.

Inventory tracking (Pilot)

In the app

  • Open your iZettle app and tap ‘library’ in the sidebar.

  • Tap ‘edit’ in the bottom left corner, and then select the item you wish to track.

  • Toggle the ‘Inventory tracking’ button so that it appears green. Make sure you tap the ‘In stock’ field and add how many of each product you have in stock. You must fill in this field if you wish to track your stock numbers. After you have enabled this feature, a number will appear in your shopping cart next to any product that has three items left or fewer.

  • Tap ‘save’ and you’re done!


To track a product, click here and then check the box titled "TRACK" beside each product you want to keep an eye on.  Enter the current relevant value for each item and click “Save changes”.

When you want to view all the products you are tracking, you can click the "All Inventory" button and then choose either ‘Tracked products’, ‘Untracked products’ or ‘Low in stock’.

SKU and barcodes 

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit and is a unique identification code that you can allot to each item for stock keeping purposes. If you wish to assign an SKU simply visit the inventory management page here and click in the SKU field bedside each item.

An SKU can contain a mix of numbers and letters, and you can choose any order you like. For example, you might choose:

Green apples --- App001

Red apples --- App002

Pink apples --- App003

If your products already come with a barcode, you can add the barcode directly into the SKU field.

To use these feature, you must first enable inventory tracking.

Stock value

With iZettle’s inventory feature you can calculate the value of your unsold stock for each item. To do so you must enable inventory tracking, then enter the cost price and stock number of each item. To view the running total of your stock value, simply visit the Items page on (here) and then click Inventory.

Good to know

iZettle’s inventory management will never prevent you from selling. If you have a product on your shelf, you can sell it using iZettle, even if you are “out of stock” in the app. At this point, the inventory count goes negative (-1).

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