Setting up iZettle Pro

You can no longer purchase iZettle Pro for Hospitality, instead you can read about our new service iZettle Food & Drink here.

Setup checklist & setup guide

Running a business means keeping a lot of plates spinning. To help you, we’ve created this handy checklist for setting up.

Combine this with our simple setup guide and you will master the basics of iZettle Pro and be trading from your iPad in no time.

Setting up your Storekit

Before installing your iZettle Pro equipment, make sure to have our storekit guide at hand to make it as easy as "plug and play".

Network requirements

iZettle Pro has a specific set of network requirements which must be followed to keep things running smoothly. Check out our network requirements here.

User guide

This user guide provides more in-depth knowledge on the daily tasks that staff and managers will perform with Pro – such as processing orders, handling payments or reconciling end-of-day takings.

Tutorial videos

If you’d like some more visual guides to getting started with iZettle Pro, take a look at our step-by-step videos and see how it all works!

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