How to set up manual shipping rates

Ways to ship with manual rates:

  • Create dynamic shipping rates depending on quantity, value, and weight
  • Create weight-based shipping rates on a per item basis
  • Set rates for special delivery options e.g. Standard, Overnight, Priority
  • Enable or disable shipping to specific countries
  • Offer free shipping for individual items

Get started:

  • From your E-commerce dashboard, click on Settings > Shipping.
  • Switch on "Enable Shipping", choose your weight unit and, add the countries you need to ship to by clicking ‘add country’.

  • On the country settings page, you need to configure how rates are calculated for each country that you ship to.
  • Real-time: We'll contact your connected shipping carriers to obtain rates. If rates are not available the order will not be processed. See our guide for configuring real-time rates.
  • Real-time & manual rates: We'll contact your connected shipping carriers to obtain rates. If rates are not available from the carriers we'll use the manual rates that have been configured for that country.
  • Manual rates: We'll use your manual rates for all orders shipping to this country.

Once you have selected 'Manual rates' or 'Real-time & manual rates' you can customise shipping options on a country-by-country basis based upon value, weight, and quantity.

To add a manual shipping option for the country that you are editing, click ‘Add service’

Give your service a name like ‘Express shipping’ or ‘Standard shipping’ and don’t forget to set the price for this service. Once you have done this, your customers will be able to select from the different shipping services during checkout. Click ‘save’ when you are done.

You also have the option to set rates for the rest of the world within the settings panel if you don’t need to edit each country separately.

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