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Pay by link

What is a Payment Link?

A payment link is a brilliant new way to get paid remotely. If you want to make a sale but your customer isn’t physically with you (for example, if they’re buying something over the phone), we’ll generate a one-time link via the iZettle app that you can send to your customer by text message, Whatsapp, social media or email. From wherever they are in the world, your customer can then click the link, enter their card details and pay instantly.

What are some good ways to use a Payment Link?

Payment Links are perfect when you want to secure a booking, take a deposit or charge for orders over the phone. You can send the link to your customer while on the phone and instantly receive a confirmation email when it’s paid. They’re a quick and easy option if you’re selling something via social media but haven’t signed up for iZettle E-commerce yet.

How do I send a Payment Link?

  1. Open your iZettle Go app.
  2. Add products to your cart and press “Send link” at the checkout.
  3. Fill in your customer’s name. You can also add a few words or a reference number in this field. (this is for you to keep track of your sent links).
  4. Choose how to send the link: SMS, email or any messaging app installed on your device (for example email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.).
  5. Send the link and wait for your customer to pay.

Are they safe?

Payment Links are a secure option for everyone involved – your customer simply clicks on a unique, one-time payment link, and enters their card details on their phone, tablet or computer. None of their information is stored and as soon as they’ve paid the link is deactivated.

Can I cancel a Payment Link once I’ve sent it?

If a link is still unpaid and you want to remove it, you can do so by going into the link’s details and pressing the rubbish bin icon.

If a customer later visits a cancelled link, they will be informed that the payment link is no longer valid.

Can I refund a payment that’s been paid by link?

A paid Payment Link can be refunded by going into the payment link details of a link and pressing the Refund button.