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Skip the hassle

With iZettle there are no contracts or fixed fees. We love it simple!

Pay per transaction

You only pay a flat 1.75% per transaction – and yes, cards such as Amex, Diners and all are included!

No merchant account needed

Payments are deposited to your bank account within 1-2 days.

The perfect solution for retail businesses

Get the basics and start selling from day one:

Take card payments and record sales
Create a product library and track inventory
Build a website and sell online
Manage all your inventory from one place
Send invoices in a flash

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Sell in-store and online

Set up a website with iZettle E-commerce. Your stocks syncs automagically and you can manage all your sales and inventory in one place.

Manage your stocks

Whether you sell in-store our online - or both - you can manage your stock seamlessly through iZettle.

Get insights from sales

The powerful reporting tools help you stock up on items based on data rather than gut feeling.
Accepted cards

Do as other smart businesses in the UK!

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