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The limited edition Ocean Reader. Made with 75% recycled plastic.


Join a wave of change

Introducing the limited edition Ocean Reader: our world-class iZettle Reader 2, redesigned in 75% recycled ocean plastic. It might seem like a drop in the ocean, but it joins a global wave of change.

Big things start small

Every day, our merchants remind us that great things start with small steps. Swamped by the big issue of climate change, a group of iZettle colleagues had an idea – to make a small change and create a special edition card reader from recycled plastic. One year later, their idea is a reality.

A climate conscious choice

We joined forces with Oceanworks to create a limited edition card reader and dock, inspired by a worldwide sea change. The Ocean Reader is made with plastic from discarded fishing nets and ropes from the North and Baltic Seas.

A significant amount of the estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our seas originate from abandoned fishing gear. Removing and recycling this waste reduces the damaging effect of floating “ghost nets” and microplastics on sea life. With the Ocean Reader initiative, we’ve helped to remove over one tonne of plastic from the waters.

Beautiful and powerful

The Ocean Reader and charging dock are deep sea-green with a mottled wave effect that’s unique to every reader. But while no two are alike on the surface, they all share the same outstanding technology as the iZettle Reader 2. Beautiful on the outside, powerful on the inside.

  • Fast card payments
  • All-day power
  • Easy to use
  • Accepts contactless
  • High security
  • Free POS app

About our partner Oceanworks

In 2016, Oceanworks CEO Rob Ianelli created a pair of ocean plastic sunglasses, and was inspired to make it easier for more companies to source and trace recycled sea plastic. Today, Oceanworks is a global leader in recycled sea plastic. Their high marketplace standards mean we can trace the Ocean Reader’s plastic back to the source.

Read more about the impact of the Ocean Reader on Oceanworks’ website

Where can I buy the Ocean Reader?

The Ocean Reader is available to buy in the Accessories Store.

How much does the Ocean Reader cost?

The Ocean Reader and Dock set costs the same as the iZettle Reader 2 and Dock – £98 + VAT.

What is the Ocean Reader made from?

The Ocean Reader is made from recycled plastic, made up of discarded fishing nets and ropes collected from the North and Baltic Seas.

Are there any differences in performance compared to the regular Reader 2?

No. It looks different on the outside, but In terms of functionality and power, it’s identical to the iZettle Reader 2.

How else are you helping to reduce plastic waste?

Our ambition is that all new products we launch will include recycled materials by 2021. In addition to that, iZettle will donate 20% of the sale price of each Reader to organisations committed to removing plastic from the oceans.

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